BIGTREETECH SKR PRO V1.1 32 bit high-Frequency Control Board for 3D Printers

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As the most advanced solution in the family of SKR control boards, the SKR PRO V1.1 is a powerful, feature rich addition to any 3D Printer. It features a blazing fast 32 bit ARM Cortex M4 processor, open driver sockets with SPI or UART configurations, and plenty of extra features for convenience.

It comes pre-loaded with the latest Marlin 2.0 open source firmware ready to use, or load your own customized version right from the SD card. No burning a bootloader or flashing firmware over USB, the process is entirely automated.

Comparison Chart




LPC1768 100Mhz

STM32F407ZGT6 168Mhz

Fan Ports

1 3


2 3


Single Driver, Heated Bed, Motherboard


USB Flash Drive


Temp Interface 3 4

SKR PRO 1.1 Features

The SKR PRO V1.1 control board is packed with the latest hardware components, firmware and features, making it one of the most advanced solutions on the market at a budget friendly price point.

32 Bit ARM Cortex Processor

SKR PRO 1.1 M4 Arm Cortex 32 Bit Processor

Compared to more expensive competitors such as Duet and Smoothieboard, this powerful 32 bit ARM Cortex M4 processor boasts the highest operating frequency available at 168Mhz.

The STM32F407 processor family also incorporates high speed embedded memories, with 1MB Flash memory, 192KB of SRAM and 4KB of backup SRAM.

This architecture is leaps ahead of the older chips found on the existing 32 bit boards, capable of handling thousands of calculations per second without a hitch. This means faster, more reliable 3D printing without missing steps or losing acceleration on curves.

Open Driver Sockets

Choose your own stepper motor drivers from a variety of options, with support for the traditional Allegro A4988 and DRV8825, or the silent Trinamic series such as TMC 2130, TMC 2208, TMC 2209 and many more.

A stepper motor driver can fail over time, and should this occur, open drive sockets make it quick and painless to replace them. No need to solder the pins, they are plug-n-play with your favorite model.

WIFI 3D Printing

With integrated support for the ESP8266 Wifi Module, 3D Printing wirelessly over the network has never been easier to do. No need for a Raspberry Pi with Octoprint, or other 3rd party software solutions, support is built right in to the board.

Using the ESP3D web interface, we are able to monitoring print jobs, send commands and take full control of the 3D Printer remotely.

BLTouch / 3DTouch Support

The popular BLTouch auto bed leveling sensors, and cloned 3DTouch probes are supported right out of the box. No need to cut wires or buy a separate PIN 27 board, the port is included on the board and ready to use for a quick and simple installation.

Package Contents

(1) BIGTREETECH SKR PRO V1.1 32 Bit Board
(3) 12 AWG Power Cables
(1) USB Cable
(1) SD Card
(1) Duck

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