BIGTREETECH TFT24 V1.1 32 Bit Smart Display LCD Graphic Controller Board for 3D Printers

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Part Number: TFT24

The BIGTREETECH TFT24 V1.1 32 Bit Smart Display is a small volume, ultra-clear LCD graphics board for 3D Printers. It is capable of working in two separate visual configurations, basic 12864 and UART serial port screen mode.

It is equipped with an ARM Cortex M3 series chip, which offers 32 bit processing power at 72 MHz.

The TFT24 V1.1 LCD screen is provided with basic example firmware from the factory, usable in both 12864 and UART mode. For installation instructions and information on using modified firmware, please check the official documentation.

Package Contents

(1) TFT24 V1.1 32 Bit LCD Smart Display
(1) 10 Pin Flat IDC Ribbon Cable