Dual Drive Extruder for Bowden and Direct 1.75mm 3D Printers

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Based on the Bondtech BMG design, the Dual Drive Extruder is a lightweight, high performance choice for precision 3D Printing. Using a 3:1 internal gearing ratio with hardened steel gears, it delivers a higher push force with less tension for uninterrupted material flow.

The Dual Drive Extruder is compatible with both Bowden and Direct Drive configurations. It also includes an integrated fitting for the V6 hotend groove neck, and mounts to standard NEMA17 stepper motors.


Dual Drive

CNC machined dual drive gears grip the filament from both sides, distributing uniform pressure that prevents grinding and slips. In addition to common materials like PLA, ABS and PETG, it's also far more reliable for flexible filaments such as TPU and NinjaFlex.

Adjustable Tension

The spring tensioned thumbscrew allows for fine tuning the applied force. This can be adjusted as needed, increasing or decreasing the gear pressure on the filament.


The Dual Drive Extruder mounts to an existing NEMA 17 stepper motor using the supplied screws. An optional mounting bracket is also included with the package, ideal for custom builds with bowden configurations.


  • (1) Dual Drive Extruder
  • (1) NEMA17 Mounting Bracket
  • (3) Mounting Screws
  • (2) Hex Wrenches
  • PTFE Tubing

Customer Reviews

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Fine extruder, filament almost impossible to load.

The throat where you insert filament is too tight and poorly shaped/manufactured. It's incredibly soft so the PLA filament scratches it right apart. After I widened it, it worked for a few times, now I have to disassemble it every time to use it. I also did not enjoy getting glass fibers in my fingers from the poor quality plastic (way too soft).