PEI Magnetic Flex Plate for Creality Ender 3 / Ender 5 3D Printers

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Part Number: MAGBED_E3

Designed as add-on kit for Ender 3 / Ender 5 3D printers and variants, can be used over stock heated bed, over glass plate or with our 3-point leveling aluminum build plate kit.

Black magnetic base is flexible and it has 3M adhesive on the back side, protected with waxed paper. This adhesive will mount magnetic base on your aluminum heated bed or glass plate. You need to clean surface to which you are planning to apply magnetic sticker with isopryl alcohol, before installing magnetic base.

Magnetic bed kit comes with thin flexible steel sheet with PEI blasted surface. One side of the sheet is textured, another side is smooth. Textured PEI blasted side should be used as print surface.

Magnetic Bed Specs

  • Magnetic base thickness: 1.2 mm
  • Textured PEI sheet thickness: 0.6 mm
  • Easy to release 3d prints - just remove PEI sheet from bed and flex it
  • PEI sheet will work with any 3d printed plastics

Magnetic Bed Installation

Installation is very simple and quick

  1. Align magnetic sticker carefully with your heated bed or glass plate.
  2. Peel off waxed paper from one corner and stick this corner to the bed or glass surface.
  3. Carefully pull waxed paper while pressing magnetic base to the mounting surface, smoothing it down at the same time.

Package Contents

(1) Magnetic Base with adhesive backing 235 x 235 x 1.2mm
(1) PEI Blasted Textured Flexible Steel Sheet 235 x 235 x 0.6 mm

Customer Reviews

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Why didn't I try this first....

How I wish I would have purchased this before trying the Creality glass heatbed. Using this sheet my Ender 3 Pro is far more forgiving when it comes to adhesion; print removal is a snap, and it just works with no fuss. This is without a doubt one of the first purchases I would recommend if you have a stock Ender 3 pro (after bed springs!).


I have 4 other printing surfaces (borosilicate/pei, polycarbonate, and garolite) that I used to switch between depending on what material I'm printing with, but I have yet to find a material that doesn't stick to this surface. even with my old PEI solution (borosilicate with PEI sheet) I had to prep the surface for certain materials but this texture allows even nylon to stick without prep.

Why isn't EVERYONE using this??

I'm relatively new to the whole 3D printing community, but I have done a lot of research. Stumbled across Gulfcoasts page, and I haven't looked back!

This PEI plate practically sucks the filament out of the nozzle! I am able to print PLA, PETG, Nylon (blend), and ASA without any adhesives (glue, hairspray, etc) and often without any adhesion type (skirt/brim). And, the flex plate means I get to keep my magnetic bed from my Ender 3 Pro and use this right out of the box.

Great product! Highly recommend this for all of your printing needs!