Premium White LED Bar Light Upgrade for 3D Printers (Universal)

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Part Number: LED24V_ADAPTER

Designed & Manufactured by Gulfcoast Robotics.

The 24V Premium White LED Bar Light is a complete 3D Printer lighting kit for 3D Printers. Designed to outlast traditional adhesive LED strips, the LED Bar uses a rigid 3030 LED PCB. The profile housing is made from high grade aluminum alloy and anodized black to match the Ender 3 frame.

A semi transparent cover helps to diffuse light, providing a soft, bright glow to illuminate the machine's build plate. Equipped with a dial based dimmer switch, you can control the brightness levels or turn it off when desired.

Connection Types

The Premium White LED Bar Light features two convenient ways to power the lighting, making it compatible with dozens of 3D Printers. Choose between spade terminals for a direct power supply connection, or a simple wall adapter that plugs right into an outlet.


Power Supply Terminals


Spade (or fork) terminals are used to power the LED Bar Light from the 3D Printer's existing power supply. This allows the light to turn on/off with the machine rather than using dimmer controls.

This option is best suited for 24V 3D Printers that have easy access to the 3D Printer's power supply. It is not compatible with 12V electrical systems.


Wall Adapter


A UL Certified wall adapter powers the LED Light Bar directly from a standard US wall socket. This method will however require manual control of the lighting from the dimmer switch, where it will not power on/off with the 3D Printer.

Ideal for 3D Printers with enclosed electronics and/or limited access to the power supply unit. Works for both 12V and 24V 3D Printers.


The included brackets are designed to mount on standard V-Slot frame extrusions. The 5mm T-Nuts lock into the channel and secures the LED assembly to the frame. This is compatible with most modern FDM 3D Printers from Creality, Tevo and other popular manufacturers.

For 3D Printers without an aluminum V-Slot frame, additional printed brackets may be required.


  • Color: White
  • Temperature: 6000 - 6500K
  • Luminosity: 800 Lumens
  • Voltage: 24V
  • Current: 0.37A
  • Power consumption: 8.4 Watts
  • LED Bar length: 260mm

 Package Contents

  • (1) 24V LED Bar with barrel power connector
  • (1) 24V Dimmer / switch cable with wiring (based on selection)
  • (2) M5x8 Socket head screws
  • (2) Drop-in M5 T-nuts
  • (1) 3M adhesive sticker to mount dimmer on the extrusion profile

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Ooo so bright and toasty

At the lowest possible setting, it's great for printing in a dark spot but still just barely bright enough for an octoprint camera to see. But at max brightness is insanely bright and gets a tad bit toasty. about 25% light is enough

A fantastic lightbar!

I have the E3 version of this light bar and have been tremendously satisfied with it. I love the ability to adjust the intensity of the light, and the way it hooks right into the printer's power supply makes it so convenient (no need for an extra outlet). For the price it's so much easier than printing out a mount and making your own light bar from an LED strip.

If you're contemplating a purchase of this lightbar, trust me, just go ahead and do it; you won't regret it.