220mm Diameter Round Aluminum Anodized Build Plate for Kossel Delta 3D Printers

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Part Number: ABPR

Manufactured by USA company. High quality CNC production, very flat and anodized for scratch resistance.

This plate can be used with various Kossel 3D printers and other Delta style 3D printers. We design this plate to be used with MK2Y heaters as well as silicone rubber heaters and kapton heaters. Surface of this plate is brushed and anodized for perfect flatness and scratch resistance.

Aluminum Build Plate Features:
  • Thick 3mm plate maintains flatness across whole area.
  • Scratch resistant anodized surface.
  • Hidden countersunk mounting screws.


  • Compatible with popular with MK2Y 220mm Diameter PCB heater.
  • Compatible with 200mm daimeter silicone heaters.
  • Works with Kossel 3D Printer variations
  • Will work with other Delta-style 3D printers of similar build size.

Hardware to use:

  • Plate designed to be used with M3 socket head countersink screws or with cross head countersink screws.
Package contents:
  • 1 x Anodized Aluminum Build Plate 220mm Diameter 3mm Thick.