All Metal V6 Hotend High Temperature Upgrade Kit - Titanium Heatbreak, Hex Thermistor and Silicone Sock

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Part Number: V6_UP

The All Metal V6 Hotend High Temperature Upgrade Kit is a complete set of premium quality parts, designed to improve performance and enhance reliability for standard V6 clone hotends.

Working temperatures are increased up to 300° C, making it possible to print with materials such as PETG, Nylon, Polycarbonate and other filaments which require increased temperatures above the limitations of existing components.

Note: Compatible with most V6 Hotend clones, as well as genuine E3D V6 hotends manufactured WITHOUT cartridge thermistors.

Product Features

Polished Titanium Heatbreak: Precision machined from Titanium alloy, the polished V6 heatbreak provides a perfectly smooth inner bore and lower thermal conductivity compared to traditional stainless steel versions. Prevents clogs and jams as a result of heat creep.

Semitec Hex Thermistor: Rated for working temperatures up to 300° C, it's assembled using fiberglass leads, M3 brass stud and high temp ceramic glue. Rather than felt washers to clamp it in place, the thermistor stud threads directly in to the heater block for a safe and secure installation.

The optional silicone insulation fits over the M3 brass stud, shielding the metal from airflow fluctuations and stabilizing the temperature readings.

Silicone Sock: This durable sock fits snugly over the heater block, protecting the hotend from a build-up of plastic residue, while also insulating the metal components for stable printing temperatures. This helps contain radiating heat, allowing the nozzle to reach desired temps much faster than before.

Package Contents

The All Metal V6 Hotend High Temperature Upgrade Kit includes the following parts...

  • (1) Polished All Metal V6 Titanium Heatbreak
  • (1) M3 Hex Stud Semitec 104GT-2 Thermistor
  • (1) 2 Pole JST Connector Extension Cable
  • (1) Silicone Thermistor Insulation
  • (1) V6 Silicone Sock