Z-Brace Kit for Wanhao Duplicator i3 and Maker Select V1, V2 and V2.1 3D Printers

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Part Number: ZBRACE

This kits is a result of our effort to improve existing and popular Z-brace kits based on 3D printed parts. Our kit is fully metal kit, no printed parts. It looks minimal compared to the 3D printed Z-brace designs, but it will make your frame completely stable, just like other similar kits.

In our kit we use ball joints to eliminate any tension created by misalignment between upper and lower bracket. Off shelf M5 ball rod ends are making our Z-brace design simple and clean looking.

Convenient feature of our kit is ability to allow fine adjustment of the each Z-rod length. Z-Brace rod design is based on turnbuckle principle - each rod will extend and contract by turning tube clockwise or counterclockwise. When you are done with adjustment - just tighten counter nuts on each rod end to get rid of any small play and you will make your adjustment permanent. After you tighten counter nuts your frame will become completely solid and stable.

Wahnao i3 / Maker Select Z-Brace kit features:
  • Black anodized aluminum bracket parts.
  • Black oxidized screws to match printer design. 
  • Steel ball rod ends with left and right hand threading.
  • Black anodized aluminum tubes with M5 left and right hand threaded holes on opposite sides. This allows to finely adjust rod length (turnbuckle principle). 
  • Easy to install and adjust, installation will take 10 minutes.
Assembly instructions
  • Link to online step-by-step assembly instructions is supplied with the kit.
Package Contents
  • 2 x Aluminum tubes pre-assembled with 2 x M5 steel ball rod ends (left hand and right hand threaded) and 2 x M5 counter nuts (left hand and right hand threaded).
  • 2 x Lower mounting brackets.
  • 2 x Upper mounting brackets.
  • 10 x M3x8 socket head screws.
  • 5 x M5x12 socket head screws.