Borosilicate Glass Bed for Creality Ender 3 / Ender 5 3D Printers

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Part Number: BG235_KIT

This product is 100% borosilicate glass. It is a flat, heat resistant plate and does not warp during long term use. 4mm thick - will not break when you remove your print from it.

This borosilicate glass plate is 235x235mm - a perfect fit for the Creality Ender 3 heated bed. This plate is larger and thicker than the typical 3mm plates, ensuring a perfectly flat build surface.

Borosilicate glass material has excellent thermal and chemical properties compared to soda lime glass. It is resistant to cracking as a result of direct high heat, making it an excellent choice for 3D printer beds. Placed on top of your build plate, it can be held in place with binder clips or thermal pads.

Kit includes shiny swiss-type mounting clips - better alternative to paper binding clips. These clips will maintain very small footprint on the print side, they are quick to install and remove, and they hold really well.

Please take a look at the supplied drawing for dimensions and details

Glass plate features:

  • Dimensions: 235x235mm, 4mm thick
  • 100% borosilicate heat resistant glass (it has yellow tint as opposed to soda lime glass green tint)
  • Rounded edges to improve handling safety
  • Very flat and does not warp during use
  • Can be used as 3D printer print surface, with or without heated bed
Package Contents
  • 1 x Borosilicate Glass Print Surface 235x235mm x 4mm thick
  • 4 x Swiss type mounting clips

Customer Reviews

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Real Borosilicate

Yes it is real borosilicate glass! Unlike all the misleading junk on Amazon, this is the real deal. Nice thick 4mm glass as advertised.
I am printing PETG on it right now and it is nothing short of amazing. My ABL mesh is much flatter using this bed. I gave it a quick treatment in hair spray and there are zero issues getting the first layer to stick or removing the print. PETG is normally really hard to remove from borosilicate glass. Using hair spray as a release agent, the print came off the glass when it was cool as if I set it there by hand. Zero removal effort.
5 Stars for the glass. The clips are absolute junk. Use binder clips for better grip. The clips that came with this bed tend to pop right off.

Superb upgrade for your Ender 3

Excellent Upgrade! Love the adhesion and the ability to see what is being printed even the white filament. I upgraded from my magnetic build plate which I could never get 100% clean and it was hard to see what was being printed because of all of the leftover glue. I am pleased with the ease of installation and the small clips that hold the glass bed to the moving platform. Get yourself one!