Extra Large Y Carriage Plate for Prusa i3 with Variable Y Rod Distance 140-170mm

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Extra Large Y carriage plate will support various 300x200mm heated beds and build plates with 309x209mm hole pattern.

This plate was designed as an upgrade for various prusa i3 breeds and clones, to increase print space and volume.

Many China made prusa i3 variations deviated from original 170mm Y rod distance. We made this plate for those 3D printers.

To convert your 3D printer from 200x200mm build size to 300x200mm you will need to extend Y axis travel by approximately 100mm (exact amount depends on which slots you will use to install bearings).

Plate will support the following linear bearings - SC8UU, SCV8UU and LM8UU in printed bearing holders. Standard Prusa i3 STL belt holder file can be found on thingiverse.

Extended Y Carriage features:

  • Brushed, anodized aluminum plate 3mm thick.
  • Has 3 x additional holes for 3 point level adjustment option.
  • Allows 3 x linear bearing configuration as well as 4 x bearing configuration.
  • Allows for wider and narrower placement of the linear bearings in Y direction - you can space out bearings or set them closer to each other, depending on the available in your configuration Y-axis rod length.
  • Allow for variable spacing of Y rods - from 140mm to 170mm. this opens possibility of upgrade for many non-standard pusa i3 3d printer variations.

Package Contents

  • 1 x Extended Y Carriage Plate.