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Anet A8 BOWDEN Conversion KIT


Designed to replace the stock direct drive hotend, the Anet A8 Bowden Conversion Kit is a production quality upgrade, manufactured as a drop-in solution for the Anet A8 3D Printers.

Integrated support for bowden style hotends offers a lightweight alternative, capable of printing at faster speeds. Combined with an All Metal V6 style hotend, inductive bed leveling sensor and extruder mounting kit, this is an all-in-one package built to enhance the A8 printer's capabilities.

Anet A8 Bowden Conversion Kit includes Aluminum X-Carriage Bracket, All Metal V6 Style Bowden Hotend, NPN Inductive Bed Level Sensor, 50mm blower fan and silicone sock.

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In contrast to the bulky direct drive hotend, the bowden conversion kit is a feature rich, lightweight alternative with significant improvements over the original components. Built to address the most notable limitations, prints can be done faster, hotter and safer than ever before.

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Designed to replace the stock X-axis carriage, the aluminum mounting bracket offers several significant improvements out of the box. While maintaining the OEM style, it features a clamping groove mount to secure bowden style V6 hotends, an adjustable bed leveling sensor bracket and front mounted 50mm blower fan for printed parts cooling.


There is no longer a need for printed sensor mounts and makeshift installations, the bracket is built directly in to the aluminum X-axis carriage. Utilizing the threaded body design, the inductive sensor can be easily adjusted and then secured in place using hex nuts and locking washers, ensuring precise and repeatable results.

The Anet A8 Bowden Conversion Kit includes (1) 4mm Inductive Proximity Sensor LJ12A3-4-Z-BX. Bracket is compatible with all cylindrical 11.8mm size sensors.

30 Minute Installation

As a direct replacement for the stock Direct Drive hotend, the Anet A8 Bowden Conversion Kit is a drop-in solution, with upgrades to many of the core components. Despite several significant changes, the overall design remains loyal to the original style and maintains a similar, yet improved aesthetic.

Assembly will take an estimated 30 minutes to complete from start to finish, depending on prior experience. The Installation Guide will provide a step-by-step breakdown of each phase, accompanied by high resolution images for comparison to ensure accurate results.

All Metal V6 Style BOWDEN Hotend

At the center of the bowden conversion, an all metal V6 style hotend replicates the popular E3D product found in many 3D printers. Using a polished, stainless steel heatbreak in place of the original PTFE lined throat, it is capable of reaching temperatures of up to 300C, perfect for materials that require higher heat to use.

The V6 clamping style heater block also rectifies one of the most dangerous safety concerns found on the Anet A8, the heater block set screw. Locking the heating cartridge in to the block with a clamping design, we can ensure it won't become dislodged during use, the cause of several reported fires to date.


Most often found on the TEVO Tarantula, the Bowden Extruder Conversion is constructed from high quality aluminum parts, with large filament lever handles and a beautiful anodized finish. The included L-mount bracket is a universal design, supporting a range of mounting locations thanks to the easily accessible screw slots.

Compatible with all NEMA 17 stepper motors, the Anet A8 extruder motor should be reused during installation.

What's Included in the Package

As a complete conversion kit, the package includes everything you will need for the job, from start to finish. Contents include the Aluminum X-Carriage Mounting Plate, All Metal V6 Bowden Hotend, Bowden Extruder Kit, Inductive Sensor Probe, 50mm Blower Fan and V6 Silicone Socks.

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