IMPORTANT NOTE about extruder kits sold with stepper motors

  • If you are upgrading your printer with our bowden feed extruder and stepper motor, please make current adjustment on the stepper driver that drives the extruder to match requirement of new stepper motor. Do not assume your new extruder stepper motor will work in place of old one without adjustment. Stepper motors are not equal, they have different coil parameters and there is a god chance that you need to turn the trim pot in order to new stepper motor to work and produce enough torque.

Firmware configuration for this extruder

Calculating Esteps for the extruder is simple:

  • Please take into an account filament gear driving diameter - 11.90 mm and calculate circumference of the gear - 11.90 x 3.14 =   37.36mm.
  • Next calculation step will depend on the type of stepper motor you use and stepper driver setting. Let's take widely used 1.8 deg/step stepper motor with stepper driver settings of 1/16 step. 1.8 deg/step stepper will have 200 steps per one full rotation. We multiply that by 16, because 1/16 setting on the driver will give 16 times of 200. 16 x 200 = 3200 steps per rev with 1/16 stepper driver settings.
  • Last step is calculate actual Estep parameter to put into firmware. It will be 3200 / 37.36mm = 85.6 steps per mm. Use this value in the firmware.
  • To further improve it, you can calibrate Esteps value as described in Triffid Hunter's Calibration Guide

Extruder Assembly Steps

Extruder Kit

Package contents
Aluminum block, lever, filament gear, v-groove bearing, compression spring, M3, M4 and M6 screws.
 Extruder Parts for 1 st Assembly Step
Assembly Step 1
Assembly Step 1
Prepare M3 screws, aluminum block, motor L-mount and stepper motor for first assembly step. Assemble parts together as pictured.
Parts for Assembly Step 2
Assembly Step 2
 Assembly Step 2
Prepare purple aluminum lever, groove bearing and short M3 screw. Assemble lever as pictured.
Assembly Step 3
Attach purple lever assembly to the extruder body with M3 screw, as pictured.
Assembly Step 4
Insert short M6 screw into a tension spring, as pictured.
Assembly Step 5
Prepare spring with M6 screw and two longer M4 screws for next step. Install spring and fix it from both ends with M4 screws, as pictured.
Assembly Step 6
Finalize assembly by installing two M6 straight tube fittings as pictured.

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