Creality CR-10/CR-10S
REAR MOUNt Z-Brace Kit


As a better alternative to the existing 3D Printed z-brace mods, this professional grade kit is manufactured using all metal components for maximum frame rigidity. From the steel ball joints to the adjustable rods, it's as simple to install as it looks.

Designed as a drop-in upgrade for the Creality CR-10/CR-10S 3D Printers, there is no need to thread tap extrusion or make other permanent modifications that will void the warranty. The aluminum brackets are a bolt-on solution, mounted to existing points on the frame.

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Designed using the Turnbuckle principle, the aluminum rods can extend or contract by rotating the tube clockwise or counterclockwise. Adjustments are then locked into place by tightening the counter nuts on each end, making the frame rigid and stable.

Adjustable Steel
Ball Joint Rod Ends

Our kit uses ball rod ends for the reason that these parts made in both - right hand and left hand versions. When it comes to adjusting rod length and aligning mounting holes on the rod and frame, there is nothing easier than turning rod clockwise and counterclockwise to adjust rod length. This is called turnbuckle principle and it makes installation of the Zbraces whole lot easier.  

Black Anodized Aluminum Rods

In contrast to the 2 part interlocking design from Creality3D, the Rear Mount Z-Brace Kit incorporates a thick, single 12mm aluminum rod on each side of the frame, which results in less flex and increased rigidity. Using left and right hand threads on each respective side, the lengths can then be easily adjusted to extend or contract as needed, making it simple to fine tune during and after installation.

7 Minute Assembly

The Creality CR-10 Rear Mount Z-Brace Kit is a minimalist design, built with convenience in mind. Mounting plates bolt to the existing frame and the rods lock in place using M5 screws and T-nuts. No thread taps or other permanent modifications are necessary.

As a complete package, the assembly process is simple and straightforward, taking less than 10 minutes to install from start to finish. All necessary hardware is included.

Black Anodized Aluminum Brackets

Designed as a bolt-on solution, the aluminum brackets provide a rigid mounting point for the rods to brace the upper and lower frame. These plates are installed using the included M5 screws and T-nuts which lock inside of the channels, in lieu of thread tapping the extrusion which can otherwise cause permanent damage the machine.

Rear Mounted Design

Offering increased accessibility and improved aesthetics, the Z-Brace Kit is designed to mount on the rear of the CR-10's frame. This prevents unwanted obstructions that can hinder access to the build plate on the front and sides of the machine, while also maintaining the overall appearance of the 3D Printer.

Experience the Benefits

The CR-10 frame design is prone to movement which can create artifacts called banding, especially at higher print speeds. Z-Braces address this problem by locking the upper frame against the base, increasing the overall rigidity and eliminating wobble.

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