Warning: Before you start assembly, please read the following important information:

  • The heatbreak is fragile. If you are using a large spanner, hitting it with a hammer, etc. It will break.
  • You are dealing with high temperatures - the hotend gets hot, and may be off your printer when you do the initial tightening. If you touch it, you will get burned!
  • Your hotend and your printer is your responsibility. We cannot be held responsible for damages caused by the use, misuse or abuse of our products.

Tools you will need

  • 16mm spanner or adjustable wrench
  • 7mm spanner or adjustable wrench

Assembly Step 1

You need to disassemble your hotend first - remove nozzle and heater block, as pictured. Screw nozzle into the heater block into the end closest to the thermistor holes. Unscrew the nozzle a 1/2 turn.

Assembly Step 2

Screw the heatbreak into the other side of the heater block so it is butts up against the nozzle.

Assembly Step 3

Gripping the heater block with a spanner, tighten the nozzle with a second spanner. Do not over-tighten, we are going to tighten it up later when the heater block is hot.

Assembly Step 4

Screw the heatsink onto the heatbreak by gripping the heatsink in one hand and the heater block in the other. It only needs to be tightened up hand-tight. Do not overtighten.

 Final Tightening

After you finish hotend assembly with fan, heater and thermistor, and install it on your 3D Printer, proceed with this assembly final step. When the HotEnd is at temperature, tighten the nozzle whilst holding the heater block with a spanner. This will tighten the nozzle against the HeatBreak and ensure that your hotend does not leak. You want to aim for 3Nm of torque on the hot nozzle - this is about as much pressure as you can apply with one finger on a small spanner. The nozzle does not need to be torqued down incredibly tightly to form a good seal, when at lower temperatures the aluminium will contract and hold the Nozzle and heatbreak together.

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