Tools necessary for assembly

Current kit version does not include any assembly tools. Hex drivers necessary for assembly should be included in your 3D printer tool set.

  • 4mm Hex Driver (comes with 3D Printer accessory kit)
  • 3mm Hex Driver (comes with 3D Printer accessory kit)

LED bar kit contents:

  • (1) 24V LED bar lamp with wiring, dimmer switch and harness connector
  • (2) M5x8 socket head screws
  • (2) M5 drop-in T-nut for 2020 profiles.
  • (1) Double sided mounting tape

LED bar installation steps

Installation Step 1

Disconnect power cord from Ender 3 power supply. Take your 3mm Hex driver and locate two M4 socket head screws on right side vertical extrusion bar. Start by unscrewing power supply.

Installation Step 2

Disconnect power supply from Ender 3 electronics and set it aside.

Installation Step 3

Take 4mm Hex driver and use it to mount LED bar in the middle of the top extrusion cross bar, as pictured. Use hardware provided in LED bar kit. Tighten screws.

Installation Step 4

Using double sided mounting tape provided in the kit, attach switch / dimmer to back surface of right side vertical extrusion bar. Route connection cable through extrusion slot as pictured.

Installation Step 5

LED connector harness should positioned as pictured, for next assembly step.

Installation Step 6

Using 3mm Hex driver, install power supply same way it was mounted. Please note: after PSU installation LED bar wiring is kept hidden inside extrusion slot. 

Installation Step 7

Connect power supply to LED pass-through connector and connect cable coming from Ender 3 electronics to other side. LED bar is ready to work now.

Assembly Step 8

Connect power cord to your Ender 3. Turn LED bar dimmer / switch to turn light ON and adjust brightness. This step will confirm LED light is working.

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