The MGN12 Linear Rails Kit is designed for the Creality Ender 3 S1 and S1 Pro Printers. Intended to replace the stock Delrin v-wheel rollers, it offers high precision and smooth motion on the Z axis.

  • High Positional Accuracy
  • Complete X axis replacement
  • Precision machined CNC components
  • Lightweight Backplate

Package Contents

Tools Required

Getting Started

1. Detach Cable

Detach the 10 pin ribbon cable from the Sprite extruder by releasing the clamps on each side.

Pull it from the black plastic connector housing to avoid causing damage to the wires.

2. Remove Extruder

Tools Required: 2.5mm Hex Wrench

Remove the Sprite extruder assembly by loosening the (4) M3 x 6mm screws on the right side bracket.

Carefully set this and the mounting hardware aside. It will be reinstalled on the X axis linear rails kit in a later step.

3. Remove Belt

Loosen the tensioner knob on the right side of the X axis, turning it counterclockwise until the belt is slack.

Disconnect the belt ends from the Sprite extruder carriage by sliding them out of the rear notches.

4. Remove Carriage

Tools Required: 3mm Hex Wrench and 8mm Open Wrench

Remove the carriage from the X axis by loosening the (3) M4 x 40mm screws.

Place the 8mm open wrench on the eccentric nut to brace it while removing the lower screw.

5. Remove Screws

Tools Required: 2.5mm Hex Wrench

Remove the innermost M4 x 18mm screws and lock washers on the back of the X axis, one on each side.

The washers are no longer needed, but the screws will be reused to mount the new backplate.

6. Assemble Backplate

Tools Required: 2.5mm Hex Wrench

To prepare the backplate for installation, first mount the 320mm MGN12 Linear Rail using the included (6) M3 x 8mm socket head screws from Package C.

Next, mount the carriage adapter block to the MGN12H carriage, using the included (4) M3 x 6mm socket head screws from Package A.

7. Install Backplate

Tools Required: 2.5mm Hex Wrench

Using the original M4 x 18mm socket head screws from step 5, mount the assembled backplate to the X axis.

A medium strength threadlocker can be applied to the screws, where this will prevent machine vibrations from loosening them over time.

8. Install Carriage

Tools Required: 3.0mm Hex Wrench

Mount the original X carriage to the carriage adapter block using the (2) M5 x 10mm screws from Package A.

9. Install Belt

Reattach the belt ends to the X axis carriage by sliding them into the rear notches.

Turn the tensioner knob on the right side clockwise to tighten the belt as needed.

10. Install Extruder

Tools Required: 2.5mm Hex Wrench

Position the Sprite extruder against the X carriage bracket, then use the original (4) M3 x 6mm sockethead screws to secure it.

11. Attach Cable

Attach the ribbon cable to the Sprite extruder, then squeeze the clamps to lock it in place.

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