Required Tools:

Assembly tools are not included with the package, however hex keys and wrenches will be necessary for installation. The keys should be included in your 3D printer's tool set, wrenches will need to be obtained separately.

  • 3mm Hex Wrench (comes with 3D Printer accessory kit)
  • 2.5mm Hex Wrench (comes with 3D Printer accessory kit)
  • Adjustable Wrench or Pliers
  • 9mm Wrench (or second Adjustable Wrench)
Package Contents: 
  • MK10 Brass Nozzle
  • MK10 Cooling Block
  • Thermal Barrier Tube
  • MK10 Heater Block (included in full kit only)
  • HEX M3 Thermistor (included in full kit only)
    MK10 Hotend Assembly Steps

    Power on the 3D Printer and preheat the nozzle to 230° Celsius.
    Hold the heater block in place using an adjustable wrench and loosen the nozzle using a 9mm wrench. Take care not to damage the heater cartridge or thermistor wires with the adjustable wrench.

    Cooldown the hotend and power off the machine. Using an M3 hex wrench, loosen and remove the screws at the base of the extruder cooling fan. Support the extruder motor during this step to prevent fall damage.

    Unplug the extruder motor and the extruder cooling fan, then set these items aside. The heatsink and spacers should also be loose and removed as well.

    Use an M3 hex wrench to loosen and remove the two screws located on the bottom of the cooling block, then slide it out of the carriage, careful not to place any strain on the wires.

    Use an M2.5 hex wrench to loosen the set screw on the bottom of the heater block. Remove the heater cartridge and thermistor from the assembly.

    Using the new components included with the kit, thread the shorter end of the all metal heatbreak into the cooling block until it is tight.

    Thread the cone shaped end of the all metal heatbreak into the top of the heater block, leaving it loose. The heater block set screw should be facing away from the cooling block as shown.

    Important: Finger tighten the heater block on to the heatbreak until it will no longer turn, then back it off about 270° to properly align it. This will remain loose until we install the nozzle in the next step.

    If you purchased the full kit, you can replace stock heater block with new block from the package. For standard kit - use the stock heater block.

    Holding the heater block in the desired position, thread the nozzle in to the bottom of the block until it is flush against the heatbreak. We will tighten the nozzle once more in later steps, which will close the inner gap and lock the hotend in place.

    Insert the heater cartridge into the new heater block and then tighten the set screw to secure it in place. Screw the new Hex M3 Thermistor in as well (for full kit) or install stock thermistor with M3 screw, washer and cotton insulator.

    Place the cooling block back into the extruder carriage, then thread the (2) M3 mounting screws from the bottom and tighten them down.

    Insert the (2) M3 screws into the bottom holes of the 40x40mm fan, then slide the plastic spacers on from the rear side. Place the metal heatsink with blades facing towards the fan and press them assembly together.

    Fit the entire fan assembly into the cooling block, where the screws should pass through to the other side.

    With the plug facing upwards, position the extruder motor on the right side of the carriage and align the exposed screw holes with the M3 screws. Tighten both screws to pull both sides of the extruder assembly together.

    Once the motor is in place, move the carriage to the right side of the printer frame to brace it, making it easier to tighten the screws.
    Plug the extruder motor and fan connectors back in and double check connections. Power on the 3D Printer and preheat the nozzle to 230° Celsius.
    Once it has reached temperature, hold the heater block with an adjustable wrench and tighten the nozzle using the 9mm wrench.

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