MKS GEN V1.4 (or BIQU BASE V1.0) Board is a well known board that is widely used on TEVO 3D printers. This is a full featured board in a small form factor, that is easy to configure and use in any 3D printer model.

There is a MKS GEN Wiki page with extensive information about connecting and configuring this board.

Hooking up this electronics board is straight forward and easy. Pinout for each connector is printed on the front side of the board. Please use the following picture for guidance:

Safety steps to follow, when you hook up your board

  • Double check the power polarity and voltage before turning the power ON. Accepted voltage range is from 12V to 24V DC.
  • Make sure you use correct wire gauge for the power input and HB output. We recommend using AWG 14 wiring for these connections.
  • Make sure your screw terminals are properly clamped and holding the power wires well. Screw terminal connections can significantly increase resistance if not tightened correctly. This will create additional problems such as reduced voltage and an overheated terminal block.

USB connectivity with your PC or Mac

Firmware configuration and upload

  • Download and install Arduino IDE from here if you do not already have it installed on your computer.
  • Download Marlin firmware
  • Configure the firmware for this board in the Configuration.h file, set the following parameter to match your board correctly: #define MOTHERBOARD 33
  • Select board Arduino Mega in Arduino IDE, as the destination board
  • Select correct Serial Port in Arduino IDE
  • You are now ready to compile and flash firmware to your board, but before you do that, do not forget to configure other parameters to match your 3D Printer.

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