Installation of Z-Brace kit is quick and straightforward. Please follow steps explained below and you will finish in 7 minutes.

Tools necessary for assembly

Current kit version does not include any assembly tools. Hex drivers necessary for assembly should be included in your 3D printer tool set.

  • 4mm Hex Driver (comes with 3D Printer accessory kit)
  • 8mm Open Wrench, Adjustable Wrench or Pliers
Z-Brace kit contents
  • (2) 12mm x 525mm Aluminum Rods 
  • (4) Steel Ball Rod Ends, pre-installed
  • (2) Upper Aluminum Frame Brackets
  • (2) Lower Aluminum Frame Plates
  • (4) M5 x 12 Stainless Socket Head Screws
  • (8) M5 x 10 Stainless Socket Head Screws
  • (8) M5 Drop-in T-Nuts for 20mm aluminum extrusions
Assembly Step 1
You will need 4mm HEX driver, 2 x M5 T-nuts, 2 x M5x10mm Screws and Top Mounting Bracket. Insert M5x10 Screws into bracket holes and attach M5 T-nuts on other side, as pictured. Do not tighten T-nuts.
Assembly Step 2
Remove plastic cosmetic cup from top horizontal bar. Install Bracket as pictured. Installation should be easy. Drop-in T-nuts will allow for quick assembly. Tightening Screws will turn T-nuts inside slots and further tightening will secure bracket in place.
Assembly Step 3
Prepare lower mounting plate same way you prepared upper bracket. Insert 2 x M5x10 screws in holes, attach 2 x M5 T-nuts on other side. You will need 4mm Hex driver for next step.
Assembly Step 4
Install Lower Mounting Plate as pictured, on the rear side of the frame. Tighten screws to fix plate in place permanently.
Assembly Step 5
Prepare 1 x Connecting Rod Assembly, 1 x M5x12 Screw and 4mm HEx driver for next step.
Assembly Step 6
Using HEX driver, secure rod ball end in the M5 threaded hole, as pictured. Tighten screw.
Assembly Step 7
Before securing top side of the rod assembly, you will need to adjust rod length for top holes to be aligned. Adjusting rod length is easy since we use left hand and right hand threaded rod ends on opposite sides of the rods. By turning rod clockwise and counterclockwise (turnbuckle principle) you will be able to expand or contract its length and adjust position of the holes. After holes aligned, secure rod end in M5 threaded hole as pictured. Tighten M5 screw.
In addition to securing rod ends, you will also need to tighten counter nuts on each rod end, so your assembly will become solid. Please note that left hand threaded side is counter intuitive and to secure counter nut on that side you will need to turn it counterclockwise.
Finishing Assembly
You will need to do same assembly steps on the other frame side and you assembly will be finished. 

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