Tools necessary for assembly

Current kit version does not include any assembly tools. Hex drivers necessary for assembly should be included in your 3D printer tool set.

  • 4mm Hex Driver (comes with 3D Printer accessory kit)
  • 2.5mm Hex Driver (comes with 3D Printer accessory kit)
  • 8mm Open Wrench, Adjustable Wrench or Pliers
  • Carpenter's angle (to check for 90 deg angle after installation).
Z-Brace kit contents
  • M3x10 Socket Head Screw - 10 pcs
  • M5x8 Socket Head Screw - 4 pcs
  • Z-Brace Lower Bracket - 2 pcs
  • Z-Brace Upper Braclet - 2 pcs
  • Z-Brace Connection Rod assembled with Ball Joints - 2 pcs
    Z-Brace Assembly Steps
    Assembly Step 1
    Take your 2.5mm Hex driver and start by unscrewing M3 screws from lower left side of the frame.
    Assembly Step 2
    Remove 3 x M3 screws. These screws will be replaced with longer screws from our Z-Brace kit. Save all original screws just in case.
    Assembly Step 3
    Prepare lower bracket part and 3 x M3x10 screws, from our kit. Lower brackets are symmetrical parts used on both sides of the printer, there are no left or right side version.
    Assembly Step 4
    Install lower left side bracket as it is pictured here.
    Assembly Step 5
    Take your 2.5mm Hex driver to unscrew M3 screws from upper left side of the frame.
    Assembly Step 6
    Remove two inner M3 screws, as pictured. Save all removed stock hardware just in case you need it in the future.
    Assembly Step 7
    Prepare upper bracket part and 2 x M3x10 screws, from our kit. Upper brackets are symmetrical parts used on both sides of the printer, there are no left or right side version.
    Assembly Step 8
    Install upper left bracket as pictured.
    Assembly Step 9
    Prepare 4mm HEX Driver, one connection rod and one M5x8 socket head screw from our kit. Please note that connection rods have small groove on one side. This is to designate side with left hand threads.
    Assembly Step 10
    Mount connection rod with M5 screw. Note that we connection rod side with left hand threads is facing up.
    Assembly Step 11
    Prepare another M5x8 socket head screw from the kit for the next assembly step. Use 4mm hex driver here too.
    Assembly Step 12
    This assembly step will require small adjustment of connection rod length. Please remember that kit uses left hand and right hand threads on opposite sides. This will allow it to work as turnbuckle - extend or contract when you turning rod clockwise and counterclockwise. Turn the rod until the hole on the rod end will match hole on the bracket, then mount it with M5x8 screw.
    Assembly Step 13
    Repeat assembly steps 1-12 for the right side of the printer, to install second connection rod.
    Assembly Step 14
    When you finish with rod installation, take your carpenter's angle and adjust each frame side to be upright, perpendicular to the table. Turn connection rods to the required length to achieve perfect 90 degree angle. When you finish adjusting, it is absolutely necessary to tighten all screws and especially counternuts on the rods, to remove any play. Keep in mind that one side of the rod has left hand threads and tightening left hand nut will be counter intuitive.
    Finishing assembly
    When you adjust Z-Braces and tighten all screws and nuts, your printer frame should become completely solid, without any even smallest play. If you still have some play, first - check every counternut that secures ball joints, they should be completely tight, tighten if necessary. After play is removed, your Z-Brace frame ki installation is completed.

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