EPCOS M3 Hex Stud Thermistor for 3D Printer Extruder Hotend

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Part Number: EPCOS_CW

Working temperature up to 300C. Leads insulated with fiberglass, thermistor glued with 600C rated ceramic compound.

Our Screw In Thermistor uses most popular in reprap community EPCOS B57560G104F.Hex brass body with M3x0.5 threaded stud allows you to easily screw the thermistor into a M3 hole with zero chance of it falling out halfway through a print.Simply tap the existing hole on your hot end with a M3 tap and screw in the thermistor. The thermistor leads are insulated in fiberglass Tubing, 2 Pole JST Style Connector is attached to the leads ends. Connection cable with mating JST connector for connecting with 3D printer electronics is included. Thermistor glued in housing with high temperature 600C rated ceramic glue. Maximum allowed temperature for prolonged time is 300C. 

Package Contents
  • 1 x Hex Housed Modular Thermistor assembled with PTFE tubing, JST female connector and NTC EPCOS B57560G104F 100k Thermistor.
  • 1 x Connection cable, 1 meter long.