3 PCS x Thermal Protection Silicone Sock for V6 3D printer Extruder Hotend

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These socks will keep your nozzle clean and free of burnt on blackened plastic. Perfect solution for 3D Printer's V6 hotend. Socks are of silicone rubber capable to withstand highest temperatures.

Silicone sock features:

  • Compatible with large number of V6 cloned hotends, and original E3D V6 hotends WITHOUT cartridge thermistor.
  • Durable and capable of working long time without replacement, will not get loose or come off.
  • Helps to stabilize printing temperature and reduces heat radiation.
  • Faster heat-up.
  • Cleaner heater block.
  • Safe to touch when heated up, will not burn your fingers.

Package contents:

  • 3 x Hotend Silicone Sock.