3D Printer M8 NPN NO Inductive Proximity Sensor 4mm Sensing Distance Mini M8.

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This is the same small factor proximity sensor as it is used on the original Prusa i3 MK2. This sensor is much smaller and lighter than typical popular M12 size sensor. Weight is much less and it takes a lot less space on the X carriage of 3D printer.

Sensor specs:

  • Sensor model: LJA8M-4N
  • Sensor type: NPN
  • Normally Open (NO)
  • Sensing distance: 4mm
  • Power voltage: 6 - 36 VDC
  • Diameter: 8 mm
  • Length: 51.5 mm
  • Outer thread size: M8
  • Cable length: 1 meter

Package contents:

  • 1 x LJA8M-4N Inductive proximity sensor.