Polished Titanium Heatbreak for All Metal V6 Hotend 1.75mm

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Part Number: HBV6T

Precision machined from titanium alloy, this V6 heatbreak upgrade offers lower thermal conductivity compared to traditional stainless steel. As a result, it creates a defined point of separation between the hot and cold chambers, lowering the chance of hotend clogs that are caused by heat creep.

Compatible with both genuine E3D V6 hotends and clones, which are available for purchase in our store here.

These comes factory polished, leaving the inner bore with a smooth surface finish for reliable performance. Please see supplied drawing for nozzle dimensions and details.

V6 Titanium Heatbreak Details

  • Thread size: M6x1
  • Length: 26mm

Package Contents

  • (1) Titanium heatbreak throat for Metal V6 Hotends