3-Point Heated Bed Upgrade for Creality Ender 3 5 and Pro 3D Printers

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  • 235x235mm Heated Bed Upgrade for Creality Ender 3, Ender 5 and PRO models
  • 24V 250W Silicone Heater reaches temperatures faster than stock PCB beds
  • Aluminum build plate is precisely machined within +/- 0.2mm flatness tolerance
  • Included JST-XH thermistor connector is a perfect match for Creality boards
  • Integrated strain relief tab securely fastens wires to prevent wear during use

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24V Silicone heater has been increased from 200 to 250 Watts.

Designed as a drop-in replacement for the Ender 3, Ender 5 and Pro model 3D Printers, this 235x235mm heated bed kit is a direct upgrade to the official Creality PCB beds. It includes a high quality CNC milled aluminum build plate and 250W Silicone Heater for faster warm-up times.

As the Creality 3D Printers are often shipped with a defective build plate, the warped bed and deformed surfaces can be uneven and difficult to use, making it nearly impossible to achieve a perfectly leveled bed. Traditional 4-point bed leveling can even exacerbate the problem, further skewing the surface over time.

Our aluminum build plate is precision machined from 6061-T6 aluminum. It provides a flat and leveled print bed, with tight flatness tolerances of +/- 0.2mm during manufacturing.

Silicone heater features an internal safety switch to prevent thermal runaway, shutting off power to the heater in excess of 150C.

Aluminum Plate Features

  • 3mm thick anodized aluminum
  • Better flatness tolerances over stock beds
  • Scratch and fingerprint resistant due to anodizing 
  • Countersunk M4 Mounting Holes
  • Strain relief tab

Silicone Heater Features

  • Voltage: 24V
  • Wattage: 250 Watts
  • Internal overtemperature safety switch set to 150C
  • Wire Length: 700mm Cable
  • Mounting: 3M Adhesive Backing
  • Size: 235x235mm
  • Thermistor: 100k NTC 3950


Package Contents

  • (1) Aluminum Build Plate 235 x 235 x 3mm
  • (1) 24V Silicone Bed Heater w/ 3M Adhesive Backing
  • (1) 1/2 inch PET wire sleeve 650mm long
  • (4) Zip ties


Compatible 3D Printers

  • Creality Ender 3
  • Creality Ender 3 Pro
  • Creality Ender 3 V2
  • Creality Ender 5
  • Creality Ender 5 Pro


Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
This bed is great!

I've had an ender 5 pro for a while, and have gone through the list of things to get my bed flat. Glass bed, G10, PEI, different springs, silicone springs, hours spent leveling, feeler gauges, ABL. The closest I have been able to achieve was a .7 variance on the Octoprint bed visualizer. Needless to say, it's been a little painful. When I received this, I spent about 10 minutes installing it, direct fit right in, although I wish the wires were a little bit longer. The only thing I did after was a little tramming with the paper test, and BAM the first bed level was at .2 variance, better than I have ever seen. I'm sure I can get it even closer with a bit of work. Loving it so far! Also looking forward to the higher temp with PC.

Great all around

Very easy install. Bought firstly for a flatter surface, secondly for more uniform heating. Does both better than stock bed and is also quicker. Its a great product.

Shaun Davis

It turns out that my bed is still flat! One of my linear rails was just barely misaligned, not enough to see, but enough to raise and lower the right side of the bed as it moved. I’ve already changed the bed on that printer, but I can still use this one on another one of my printers! Overall, great product, great company!

Michael Goldbeck
A must have!

Anybody that owns a Creality Ender 5 pro MUST purchase this plate. Stop with the frustrations of trying to set up cheap junk that comes factory with the Ender 5 pro and go with this absolutely beautiful piece of engineering, design and craftsmanship for the ultimate, immediately noticeable, upgrade.

For further enhancement, add the glass plate. I have not had one single bad print since I have upgraded with Gulfcoast Robotics.

If that is not enough to convince you, then rest assured Gulfcoast Robotics support is top tier support as I have discussed many areas with Brett and have never had one unanswered question that can benefit basically upgrading my Ender 5 Pro strictly with Gulfcoast Robotic's parts and upgrade inventory. (unlike Creality themselves, who seem to ignore any question you ask)

Stop convincing yourself like I did, that you do not need this plate, because you do. It's that simple!

Robert Nixon
This is premium heater bed upgrade for the Ender 3 series at a budget price.

This is my third review of a Gulfcoast Robotics product, but I swear I’m not a shill. My Ender 3 v2’s bed wasn’t especially warped (the glass was), but it was very slow to warm up and I wanted to give three-point leveling a try, so I took a chance and bought the whole kit.

As others have said, the aluminum plate is a really flat and well-machined piece of aluminum. It’s also lightweight, I think I have pictures, I’ll try to remember to add them later.

The silicon heater pad is a big improvement over the wimpy Ender 3 v2 heater. With GCR’s 4mm borosilicate glass plate, the temperature comes up very quickly and with a PID recalibration, it holds a precise temperature. Much more stable than +/-1°, more like +/-0.05°. Going from 25-50°C takes less than a minute, and its PWM at about 20% active to hold that temperature. I have pictures of the temperature curve too, it made me pretty happy.

And like any good heater bed, it takes an annoyingly long time for this bed to cool back down to ambient temperature, especially with a glass plate.

This bed is worth buying just for 3-point leveling with GCR’s carriage, but it’s a worthwhile upgrade to the Ender 3 v2 just as a heater bed.

For anyone wondering, the fully assembled y-carriage with the heater bed, 4mm glass build plate, 3 bed leveling wheels, pulleys, etc. is just under 1.4Kg, which is about 100g less than the stock setup on the Ender 3 v2, if I’m not mistaken.

I do think some stickers would be a nice inclusion.



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3-Point Heated Bed Upgrade for Creality Ender 3 5 and Pro 3D Printers

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