Borosilicate Glass Print bed for RepRap 3D Printer Mendel or Prusa i3, 213x200mm.

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Part Number: BG200

We sell REAL borosilcate glass. It has yellow tint, while most of the low cost glass plate are made of regular soda lame glass with green tint.

Borosilicate Glass print bed for Reprap style 3D printer. The material has excellent thermal and chemical properties compared to soda lime glass. Resists cracking due to direct high heat, perfect for a 3D printer bed. It is used on top of your heated print bed and provides excellent results. It's a direct fit for an MK1, MK2 or MK2a heated bed. Can be used on 3d printer builds that have a 213 mm x 200 mm print bed including Prusa i3 and i2, Prusa Mendel, Mendel, Mendel Max Einstein and many others.

Package Contents
  • 1 x Borosilicate Glass Print Surface 213x200mm x 3mm thick