Silicone Heater 110V 120W with NTC Thermistor for 3D Printer Kossel/Delta Hot Bed

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Part Number: HTRR110V

This is 120 Watt, 110V, 200mm diameter silicone heater with integrated temperature feedback thermistor, for your delta 3D printer heated bed. This heater will greatly reduce your waiting time for heated bed to heat up. 3M adhesive backing offers excellent and easy mounting. Use it with glass or aluminum print surface. Check out our store for complete heated bed solution, with 3 point adjustment, using this silicone heater.

Use solid state relay (SSR) to control this heater via your 3d printer electronics. This solution will not put load associated with heated bed on your 3P printer power supply.

Silicone Heater Technical Specs:
  • Voltage: 110V DC or AC
  • Power rating: 120 Watt
  • Length of wiring: 1 meter or longer
  • Mounting option: 3M sticky adhesive backing
  • Diameter: 200 mm
  • Thermistor type: NTC 3950, directly supported in Marlin firmware
Integrated NTC 3950 100K Thermistor specs:
  • Use TEMP_SENSOR number 11 in Marlin firmware
  • High accuracy: 1%
  • Resistance value at 25°C=100K
  • Wiring length: 1 meter or longer
Package contents
  • 1 x 110V 120W Silicone Heater with integrated thermstor and 1 meter long wiring.