MK10 Hotend with M3 Hex Thermistor for MP Maker Select Duplicator i3 3D Printer

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Part Number: HEMK10M3CT

Complete MK10 hotend with heater block and M3 hex stud ceramic thermistor upgrade. Designed as a drop-in replacement for Monoprice Maker Select and Wanhao Duplicator i3. 

This MK10 version is for extruder with thermistors. It has heater block with small hole to accept thermistor and M3 tapped hole for clamping screw with washer. All parts precisely machined and tested on MP Maker Select V2.1 and Plus printers, as well as Wanhao Duplicator i3. Heater block will accept 6.2 mm diameter OEM heater.

Please consult with supplied drawing for details


  • Nozzle extrusion diameter: 0.4mm
  • Thread Size: M7
  • Length: 39.1mm
  • PTFE Liner Tube: 4mm OD 2mm ID x 35mm

Package contents:

  • (1) MK10 Extruder Stainless throat barrel, M7x1 threaded.
  • (1) PTFE Liner Tube 4mm OD x 2mm ID.
  • (1) MK10 Brass Nozzle (M7 Threads)
  • (1) MK10 Aluminum Heater Block (M7 Threads)
  • (1) M3 Hex stud ceramic thermistor NTC 3950 100K